PREMIUM TRANSLATOR 7.0 WORLD - English-World Pack - P7-1-EN-W-ESD

Model Number: P7-1-EN-W-ESD

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$999.00 MSRP
The Systran 7 Premium Translator from Systran Software is designed to meet the needs of language industry professionals and corporate users. The translator brings innovative, automatic customization tools to the desktop enabling you to quickly produce reliable and quality translations. It features 20 specialized domain dictionaries, patented translation engine and Document Aligner to create translation memories. Also, the translator incorporates customization wizard that adapts translation from your texts. Additionally, you can save and repurpose previous translations and language data for future use. Furthermore, the Systran 7 Premium Translator has Translation Project Manager, spelling and grammar checkers, toolbars for Microsoft outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. All these and more features make Systran 7 Premium Translator an ideal solution to create and manage multilingual documents and streamline your work in powerful new ways.This is a downloadable version of Systran 7 English World Pack Premium Translator

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